Температурная телематика

Temperature telematics

Control of all modes of refrigerator operation, confirmation of the transportation quality by certified sensors

Complete safety during regime cargo transportation

Legal protection in case of force majeure

The system addresses the following issues
Система решает следующие проблемы
  1. Remote control of temperature regimes of refrigerators
  2. Safe regime cargo transportation
  3. Smart emergency notifications
  4. Search for the perpetrators of cargo damage
  5. Prompt reports and schedules for any period of time
  6. Significant advantage in competition for tenders
Cargo damage protection and the opportunity to increase your chances of winning customer tenders

Now all information about temperatures, operating modes, opening the doors of car refrigeration and isotherms is available not only to drivers, but also to any of your employees who have access to the BelTransSputnik system.

Интеллектуальная многофункциональная Система
Intellectual multifunctional System BelTransSputnik allows you to monitor the safety of perishable or regime cargo.
Up-to-date information on the conditions of carriage
The solution allows you to keep under control around the clock the latest information on the temperature conditions for the transportation of perishable goods: food, medicines, chemical and biological reagents.
Warnings about deviations from the norm
You receive notifications about temperature deviations from the norm, isotherm doors opening and alarms via phone, email or push notification. The system can also send such messages to the cargo owner immediately.
Security in case of force majeure
In case of force majeure, you can always determine with 100% accuracy who is responsible for the loss of perishable cargo: the driver, loaders or engineer.

How the System works

Как работает Система

In order to implement the Temperature Telematics Solution, you can use 1 out of 5 hardware connection options.

Hardware connection options
Option 1
Installation of additional 1Wire digital temperature sensors with cable (wired) connection.
Pros and cons
In order to do so, you need to connect additional temperature sensors to the GPS / GLONASS-tracker installed in the isothermal semi-trailer.
Option 2
Installation of extra 1-Wire digital temperature sensors with a radio channel (Bluetooth).
Pros и Cons
In order to do so, an additional radio interface with an antenna is connected to the GPS / GLONASS-tracker, which remotely reads information about the temperature from the radio sensors installed in the body via a radio channel (Bluetooth).
Option 3
Connecting the refrigerator to the compressor.
Pros и Cons
Temperature telematics from BelTransSputnik also provides wider opportunities. So, in addition to the temperature in the refrigerated trailer, you can also see the real operating time of the refrigerator (machine hours). In order to do so, you need to connect the terminals of the refrigeration compressor. This option is often used as an addition to options 1 and option 2.
Option 4
Connecting the refrigeration unit to the controller
Pros и Cons
Connecting the refrigeration unit to the controller is one of the costliest ways to implement temperature telematics. It requires a wired connection of the GPS/GLONASS-tracker installed in the isothermal semi-trailer to the refrigerator controller. Also, in most cases, it is necessary to have a mandatory standard interface (Thermo King i-box, Carrier Gate) or purchase an additional interface for reading data from the refrigerator controller (Smart Control or equivalent).
Option 5
Connection to thermo tachograph via RS-232 output.
Pros и Cons
Most modern thermos tachographs (DATACOLD 500 and newer, EUROSCAN RS 2017 and newer, etc.) have the ability to connect to the System via the RS-232 output. Moreover, in modern refrigeration units, the thermos tachograph is usually connected to the refrigerator controller. This leads to several significant pros.

Implementation effect

Как решение повышает доверие клиентов

The solution allows minimizing the risk of cargo damage, regardless of the potential cause of temperature violations


You can observe the dynamics of the temperature regime along the entire route of the cargo in online mode and also create detailed reports for specified time periods in the past.


Special notification settings allow you to get in touch with the driver online mode to avoid force majeure.

In what scopes the System is required

IN WHAT SCOPES В каких сферах необходима Система

Temperature telematics is relevant for all carriers who work with perishable and regime products.


  1. Food group (meat, fish, canned food, dairy products, confectionery, cheese, sausages, vegetables and fruits, frozen concentrates)
  2. Medicines
  3. Spirits and soft drinks in winter and summer
  4. Chemicals, including dangerous goods
  5. Livestock feed
  6. Flowers and plants

Our customers result

Sergey Anyukhovskiy CEO Krasny Pischevik
After the implementation of the GPS monitoring system, we immediately felt the result:
fuel costs have reduced significantly, several large fuel thefts have been prevented, this helped to pay off the investment in BelTransSputnik. Now…
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Сергей Вайнилович
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO 21vek.by
All investments were completely justified and paid off in the first month of cooperation.
We have been cooperating with BTS since 2010. And during this time, we have implemented many solutions that have been customized specifically for us — this is particularly nice. Definitely...
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Rostislav Rudakovsky CEO PRIMUM
The overall result of working with the system is cost savings and customer service quality support.
But these results can be analyzed in separate areas…
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Working principles

Working principles
You get professional advice on suggested temperature solutions.
Our experts install and configure the sensors you have chosen.
Now Temperature Transportation is under your full control, and winning tenders has become even easier.

Use the Temperature Telematics solution It became easier to monitor the safety of perishable and sensitive cargo

Используйте решение

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