Оптимальная логистика


based on artificial intelligence and Big Data. Precise optimization of routes and reduction of transport costs up to 60%

Saving logistics expenses

Saving logisticians’ time

Improving transportation quality

The system addresses the following issues
Оптимальная логистика
  1. Allows you to carry more cargo with less transport
  2. Creation of profitable and personalized international routes
  3. Automatic generation of electronic waybills based on created routes
  4. Efficient ramps control and easy comparison of Plan and Actual
Simplifies and accelerates transport and logistics management by 2-3 times

Is it possible to manage a car park of 200 vehicles as easily and efficiently as two cars? How to be in time to all customers, but spend minimal money on goods delivery? How to identify and solve the most complex logistical issues quickly?

Logistics optimization is a global trend that allows companies of various sizes and fields of activity to perform large amounts of work with fewer resources.
Уникальная многофункциональная система БелТрансСпутник на основе ИИ
Unique multifunctional AI-based system BelTransSputnik
fully automates the transport logistics of your enterprise
  • fully automates the transport logistics of your enterprise:
  • Analyzes and accurately predicts traffic events
  • Automatically generates electronic waybills
  • Monitor drivers carefully
  • Reduces transport expenses to a minimum
Optimal logistics
The solution is intended for daily assistance in optimal planning of corporate / hired transport. The system not only optimizes logistics operations, but also suppresses any intentional and unintentional deviations from the given plan.
Based on AI and Big Data
In seconds, you can build networks of optimal delivery routes, taking into account real and predictable traffic factors: from the speed of traffic on all streets / highways to allowing drivers to work only with valid documents (driver's license, medical certificate, etc.)
The system is simple and easy to use and allows you to effectively perform a variety of transport logistics tasks — tasks of any kind and complexity.

Optimal logistics for national and local carriers

Полностью автоматизированный процесс

Fully automated process of distribution of applications for existing vehicles and building a network of routes with minimization of costs for their implementation

Optimal and economical routes based on:
current and predicted traffic speeds on all roads and streets
up-to-date weather forecast
traffic jam and accidents forecast
set of depot points
Удобное построение списков

Convenient delivery lists building directly from the system, or export/import from any ERP

BTS Route: Android mobile app for roving workers (couriers, merchandisers, truckers, etc.)

The function ‘Optimal logistics for national and local carriers’ provides:
convenient export / import of the entire array of delivery locations (addresses) from any of your ERP or accounting software (1C, Galaktika, etc.)
instant creation of electronic waybills for all your drivers according to the routes made by the system
route optimization based on minimum mileage, delivery time or costs
automatic addresses geocoding for delivering goods or serving your customers

Electronic waybills

Электронные путевые листы

Electronic waybills are a complete replacement for time-consuming, unreliable and outdated paper workflow

Электронные путевые листы

Electronic waybills are compiled manually or generated automatically on the basis of constructed routes

Key benefits of the waybills function:
quick (from 10 minutes) and convenient waybills creation for cars or trucks, buses or construction equipment
instant disputes resolution between different services: the System is unified and has flexible options for setting up access and control rights.
automatic generation of electronic waybills based on created routes
small and instant document flow, available for control by all interested services
convenient analysis of vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, time on duty, etc.

Ramps control

Больше преимуществ функции

You will always monitor: when, to which ramp, what cargo, what tonnage the car will arrive — for early warning and involvement of warehouse employees

Optimal logistics for international carriers

Построение оптимальных маршрутов

Optimal routes planning, taking into account a variety of factors: from calculating the distance traveled on toll roads to using exclusively partner gas stations 

Возможности решения

Parking lots calculated according to AETR norms

Что дает эта функция

Making a clear ‘flight assignments’ with the possibility of sending it directly to the driver’s smartphone

Automatic routing, instant transfer of new assignments and correction of old ones in the driver’s smartphone

The optimal route is formed considering the following criteria:
the shortest distance calculated on the basis of the road graph of the most up-to-date electronic maps
optimal placement of unloading / loading points, which is also based on the criteria of the shortest distance and road capacity
safe parking recommended by insurance companies
gas stations beneficial for your company
Расчет стоимости проезда

Calculation of the cost of routes on toll roads in different countries before departure.

Как работает функция

Fast and peremptory comparison of plan and fact

Who needs this solution

WHICH AREAS Кому необходимо это решение

It doesn’t matter how big your car park is and what kind of activity you carry out (passenger transportation, food delivery, merchandising, long-haul transportation, international courier service, field service, repairs, etc.) – BelTransSputnik system with the integrated solution ‘Optimal Logistics’ will bring the company’s logistics activities to a new level!

Our customers result

Sergey Anyukhovskiy CEO Krasny Pischevik
After the implementation of the GPS monitoring system, we immediately felt the result:
fuel costs have reduced significantly, several large fuel thefts have been prevented, this helped to pay off the investment in BelTransSputnik. Now…
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Сергей Вайнилович
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO 21vek.by
All investments were completely justified and paid off in the first month of cooperation.
We have been cooperating with BTS since 2010. And during this time, we have implemented many solutions that have been customized specifically for us — this is particularly nice. Definitely...
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Anatoly Giletich Deputy Director for Wholesale in Santa Impex Brest
Both executives and specialists are satisfied with economic results:
there are a mileage optimization and mileage savings, and, accordingly, savings in delivery costs.
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Sergey Zaychenko Chief of transportation management R Group
Now, after so many years of work, it's hard for us to imagine work without the BelTransSputnik system.
We get full access to the information about the vehicle. Our transportation engineers monitor the location of the vehicle in real time…
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Alexey Vantsovich CEO SARIA
From the very beginning we have been cooperating with BelTransSputnik.
And use the system not only for processes and resources optimization, but also for strategic purposes. Here are some results from the system implementation.
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Rostislav Rudakovsky CEO PRIMUM
The overall result of working with the system is cost savings and customer service quality support.
But these results can be analyzed in separate areas…
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Principle of operation

Working principles
You automatically download a list of delivery locations and cargo parameters from your ERP, or enter them manually.
The system generates the most profitable optimal routes and electronic waybills, creates ‘flight assignments’ and routes on the map for drivers
The system sends ‘flight assignments’ and routes to drivers’ and couriers’ mobile devices. In the process of moving along the routes, the System monitors the correspondence between the Fact and the Plan, generates analytical reports for any period.

Take full advantage of Optimal logistics within the framework of the unified software system BelTransSputnik and reduce your transportation costs up to 60%

Воспользуйтесь всеми возможностями

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