Контроль топлива


Reduction of transport expenses from the very first day of implementation

Protection against unauthorized fuel drain

Real consumption detection

Improving labor discipline

The system addresses the following issues
Система решает следующие проблемы
  1. Fuel drain
  2. Fuel burnout
  3. Mileage cheats
  4. Low level of labor discipline
Only reliable monitoring data on fuel consumption, refueling volumes and possible fuel drains

Fuel monitoring is something that absolutely any company that has mobile workers comes to eventually. Based on statistics, according to which fuel consumption is usually overestimated by drivers by 20-30%, you can only imagine how much money you lose every day, week, month … year. But what if your fleet has 10, 20 or 500 cars? These are huge losses that we intend to return to you!

В Системе «БелТрансСпутник» реализованы все 7 известных способов контроля расхода топлива
The BelTransSputnik System implements all 7 known ways of fuel consumption monitoring
We turn each of these ways into a legally correct fuel write-off tool for your business.

Fuel consumption monitoring ways

Monitoring ways
‘Fairly’ — smart automated calculation based on linear fuel consumption rates
Интеллектуальный автоматизированный расчёт

The fuel write-off rate per 100 km (city, highway in winter and summer) is determined by the control refueling method. These four metrics are entered into the BelTransSputnik System in the Vehicles/Settings section.

Automated calculation for state enterprises based on linear norms ‘By the letter of the law’
Автоматизированный расчёт для госпредприятий

For large state-owned enterprises, it is very important not to waste time proving to the driver the correctness of the fuel write-off figures. The system should quickly and reliably calculate fuel consumption in full accordance with the Methodology of the Ministry of Transport from your smartphone

FLS — fuel consumption monitoring based on readings of the Fuel level sensor in the tank
Контроль расхода на основе показаний Датчика уровня топлива в баке

An additional fuel level sensor — an electronic ruler — is installed in the fuel tank. FLS is connected to the GPS/GSM/Glonass Vehicle Control Module installed in the vehicle cab.

Fuel consumption monitoring based on flow meter readings

An additional device, similar to a water meter, is cut into the fuel line — a fuel flow meter.

‘CAN’ — Fuel consumption monitoring based on engine control computer readings
Контроль расхода топлива на основе показаний компьютера управления двигателем

BelTransSputnik connects the GPS/Glonass/GSM Vehicle Control Module to the on-board Computer Area Network (CAN) or On Board Diagnostic (OBD) of your vehicle

Fuel consumption monitoring by machine hours
Контроль расхода топлива по машино-часам

For construction and special equipment, the legitimate way to write off fuel is to calculate according to the standards of Transtechnika, which indicate fuel consumption per machine hour for different types of work.

‘Engine model’ — smart automated calculation of fuel consumption based on the mathematical model of the engine, taking into account the load on it.
«Модель двигателя» - интеллектуальный автоматизированный расчёт расхода топлива по математической модели двигателя с учётом нагрузки на него

BelTransSputnik specialists have created several mathematical models of engine operation in cooperation with manufacturers of domestic equipment.

Which monitoring way to choose

For whom Какой способ контроля выбрать

Our experts recommend using smart calculation methods wherever possible.

They do not require the purchase of expensive sensors and are not tied to the reliability of their work. In addition, smart calculation methods are very difficult for the driver to deceive. What cannot be said about any sensors, which always are under the threat of driver’s influence.

We recommend starting cooperation with the installation of the BelTransSputnik GPS Monitoring System, since it is more cost-effective than any fuel consumption sensors.

Our customers result

Sergey Anyukhovskiy CEO Krasny Pischevik
After the implementation of the GPS monitoring system, we immediately felt the result:
fuel costs have reduced significantly, several large fuel thefts have been prevented, this helped to pay off the investment in BelTransSputnik. Now…
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Сергей Вайнилович
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO 21vek.by
All investments were completely justified and paid off in the first month of cooperation.
We have been cooperating with BTS since 2010. And during this time, we have implemented many solutions that have been customized specifically for us — this is particularly nice. Definitely...
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Sergey Maximuk CEO and co-owner of Polymya-Agro
Now we are working on the system to help make management decisions.
Speaking about results achieved. Manageability has improved: now it is more realistic to predict the plan that will be executed…
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Let us help you avoid extra fuel expenses thanks to the reliable data of the BelTransSputnik monitoring system

Поможем избежать дополнительных расходов на топливо

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