GPS vehicle monitoring

Speed, location, route, mileage, fuel consumption and much more. Monitoring up to 5000 metrics from each vehicle.

Transport monitoring online for any reporting period

Legal protection of your company interests

Free updates and system customization

The system addresses the following issues
Система решает следующие проблемы
  1. Location, speed and route monitoring. Mileage without markup.
  2. Fuel economy, eco-driving, driver efficiency ratings
  3. AETR compliance, tachograph time forecast, DDD remotely
  4. Refrigerator modes control and temperature telematics of transportation
  5. Legal maintenance of disputes. Geofencing. Smart cards.
Full control over transport expenses

Maintaining a vehicle is always expensive. Including some drivers who are trying to take advantage from your cars. Wind up the odometer, exaggerate the mileage, create fuel ‘surplus’ in the tank, use of the company vehicles for personal purposes, go wild on the road — this is the everyday life of careless drivers.

However, all this is quite easy to track down and eliminate if you are our client.
Все функции GPS/ГЛОНАС-мониторинга транспорта
GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring —
enables you to monitor how your business and employees work with great accuracy
  • Where did your road train park
  • How fast the driver was going
  • How far did he actually go
  •  How much fuel was used
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Absolute Accuracy
Thanks to the huge tracking accuracy, the System instantly writes reports for any period, dig through archives, sends “smart” notifications, making your work as simple and efficient as possible.
Without your participation
You do not have to be chained to a screen to monitor how your business works: instruct the System to control the drivers work and distract you only in case of emergency.
Any challenging assignments
The system was developed by our programmers and business analysts. Therefore, it has no limits of flexibility — we can implement any of your most non-standard task or need.

How the System

How it works
Мониторинг за любым количеством разъездных сотрудников

Monitor any number of roving workers from one screen

Универсальность системы

The ability to personalize any vehicle and to track multiple sites at the same time

Equipment connection options
У вас есть собственный автопарк
Autonomous vehicle control modules are connected to the onboard computer network (CAN, OBD, etc.) and any additional sensors and devices.
  1. The module reads data from the vehicle’s systems and, together with the most accurate location data, transmits it via GSM networks to the BelTransSputnik cloud system.
  2. The system analyzes the data transmitted from the vehicle and displays it on your computer screen.
Вы используете наемный транспорт
A branded free app (on Android and iOS) on a driver/courier smartphone or tablet will enable you to get the result without “prompt” intervention in the vehicle’s systems.
  1. The tracker transmits the most accurate data about the location, route and driving style (movement style) of the driver or foot courier to the dispatch computer.
  2. The program systematizes the data received.

Lifetime warranty on our GPS trackers

*subject to full subscription fee, continuous service from the date of purchase of the equipment and compliance with the operating conditions prescribed in paragraph 5.4 of the Supply Agreement.

Through the system, you also receive data about weather conditions, traffic jams, driving style, etc.

We download all system updates for any of your assignments remotely

What does the solution provide

What does it provide
Система контролирует точное местоположение транспорта

The system controls the exact location of the vehicle, its speed, operating modes and accurate mileage using GPS/Glonass. Therefore, any additions to the mileage or working hours, which previously led to the accumulation of fuel «surplus» in the tank and unpunished drain, now become impossible.

вам доступна вся аналитика его состояния за любой период времени

Without contacting the car, you have access to all the analytics of its condition for any period of time. You can instruct the system to automatically generate significant reports on the operation of your transport, and send it to you in a user-friendly format.

Инструмент «Телеметрия»

Telemetry tool: we observe changes in the state of the vehicle in any time period.

Benchmark State Navigation Charts


Legal defense and justification


Payback within 1 day

The System implementation enables:
to track any units of vehicles from one screen (both from your own and hired car park)
monitor the vehicle and its systems in real time or for any period in the past
identify violators and "hacks" immediately
optimize delivery points
and is responsible for:
reliable legal support in any disputes with drivers, contractors, traffic police
improved work discipline
up to 60% savings on organization's transportation expenses

In what scopes the System is required

In what scopes В каких сферах необходима Система
  1. Domestic transportation
  2. International transportation
  3. food delivery networks
  4. Online stores
  5. Trade and merchandising
  6. Courier Services
  7. Delivery services with foot couriers
  8. Construction
  9. Emergency Services
  10. Agricultural industry
  11. Taxi, car rental, carsharing
  12. Housing and communal services
  13. Production

Our customers result

Sergey Anyukhovskiy CEO Krasny Pischevik
After the implementation of the GPS monitoring system, we immediately felt the result:
fuel costs have reduced significantly, several large fuel thefts have been prevented, this helped to pay off the investment in BelTransSputnik. Now…
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Сергей Вайнилович
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO
All investments were completely justified and paid off in the first month of cooperation.
We have been cooperating with BTS since 2010. And during this time, we have implemented many solutions that have been customized specifically for us — this is particularly nice. Definitely...
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Anatoly Giletich Deputy Director for Wholesale in Santa Impex Brest
Both executives and specialists are satisfied with economic results:
there are a mileage optimization and mileage savings, and, accordingly, savings in delivery costs.
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Alexey Vantsovich CEO SARIA
From the very beginning we have been cooperating with BelTransSputnik.
And use the system not only for processes and resources optimization, but also for strategic purposes. Here are some results from the system implementation.
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Sergey Maximuk CEO and co-owner of Polymya-Agro
Now we are working on the system to help make management decisions.
Speaking about results achieved. Manageability has improved: now it is more realistic to predict the plan that will be executed…
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Working principles

Working principles
Decide what metrics you want to monitor.
Our experts will select the necessary hardware for you. In certain cases, an ordinary smartphone is sufficient.
Start reducing transportation expenses.

Automate transport control and start saving up to 60%

of your transport expenses with the help of GPS vehicle monitoring

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