GPS-контроль мобильных сотрудников

of mobile

and setting tasks for them in BTS Location app

Optimizing the work of mobile workers

Increased work discipline

Business efficiency

The system addresses the following issues
Система решает следующие проблемы
  1. Complete control over the movement of mobile workers (drivers, couriers, etc.)
  2. Applicable to any transport type (corporate car park, hired vehicles, foot couriers, etc.)
  3. Monitoring the implementation of tasks mobile workers
  4. Logistics processes optimization
  5. Convenient communication ‘base-driver’ through the mobile app (new tasks, correction of current tasks, reports, built-in messenger and other functions)
High-quality employee monitoring to improve the productivity of the company

Where is the courier located, how does he move, why did he choose a detour route, was he at clients’ or did he go on personal business? Of course, take the word is the right of any manager. However, as our long-term practice shows, even in small or well-established organizations where people trust each other, there will always be those who pursue only personal gain.

GPS-control of mobile workers from the BelTransSputnik company
an effective tool that allows you to find reserves in your business activities.

A comprehensive solution helps:

  • Track the movements of remote employees, drivers and couriers
  • Make sure they do/doesn’t do their job
  • Quickly allocate plans to drivers
  • Distribute tasks promptly
  • Make plans for the right time
  • Send them directly to the driver’s smartphone or tablet in the app
Increase in sales
Mobile workers know they are under close supervision. As a result, their efficiency increases greatly.
Reducing lost profits
More real trips to customers, less downtime, minimization of opportunities for drivers to cheat mileage and add fuel.
Simplification of mobile workers’ job
All the necessary tools for drivers collected in one app: licensed maps of all Belarusian settlements, document flow, reporting, tasks setting and distribution, a convenient messenger and an integrated hotlines handbook.

How the System works

How it works

All the information about the mobile workers’  tasks is on one screen. Several mobile apps are integrated into the BelTransSputnik System

The functionality of the BTS Location app for mobile workers is based on the requirements of many successful companies. Its interface is simple and clear.

Implementation effect

всего в один клик мыши

Detailed reports on remote employees for any calendar period — in one click

Correspondence and document flow between the office and mobile workers via the built-in messenger

The effect of the satellite monitoring implementation is noticeable on the very first day of its use

Solution affects various business areas
Increasing competitiveness
The efficiency and discipline of mobile workers increases, which brings more profit to the company and improves service performance.
Logistics process optimization
The system quickly distributes plans among employees and generates optimal routes for them.

Who needs the System

For whom Кому необходима Система

Our experts developed a system that is convenient for both market giants and small businesses.

Delivery, merchandising, field sales, local trucking, and courier services by car or public transport: it does not matter what your business is. We offer a comprehensive solution to reduce your expenses and optimize your business.

10 reasons to try BTS Location from BelTransSputnik:
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Suitable for both foot couriers and mobile workers on corporate / personal vehicles.
  • Huge functionality: from planning the working day to monitoring the actually completed tasks.
  • Built-in messenger for exchanging text messages and files.
  • Drawing up a work schedule and prioritizing tasks.
  • Integration with popular products based on 1C platform.
  • Compressing data without losing their information content if you need to save GPRS traffic.
  • Access rights adjustment.
  • Automatic control of visited places — quick search by employee, object and coordinates.
  • The versions are available for both Android and iOS.

Our customers result

Sergey Anyukhovskiy CEO Krasny Pischevik
After the implementation of the GPS monitoring system, we immediately felt the result:
fuel costs have reduced significantly, several large fuel thefts have been prevented, this helped to pay off the investment in BelTransSputnik. Now…
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Сергей Вайнилович
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO
All investments were completely justified and paid off in the first month of cooperation.
We have been cooperating with BTS since 2010. And during this time, we have implemented many solutions that have been customized specifically for us — this is particularly nice. Definitely...
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Rostislav Rudakovsky CEO PRIMUM
The overall result of working with the system is cost savings and customer service quality support.
But these results can be analyzed in separate areas…
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Working principles

Working principles
Connect to the BelTransSputnik system
Order the hardware GPS-monitoring module or install the mobile app
Start monitoring your employees and save money

Connect control and monitoring system of mobile workers

Подключите систему управления и контроля

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