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We have answered 14 of the most popular questions. Find out how our approach differs from others

Everyone is trying to sell us something. Сan you solve our problems without selling us another ‘hardware’?

We do not sell equipment — we solve customers’ problems. This is the essence of our work.

You acquire a long-term ally and assistant in solving the most pressing problems: the elimination of theft and deception. It is we who will prompt you to pay attention in case of a drain, an attempt to disable the tracking module or cheat the speedometer.

And we will not just provide information, but suggest the best ways of ending these facts.

That’s what matters. And this is our business where we are the best. We actually give you equipment as a gift, compared to market prices. It is just a necessary tool for obtaining objective information on the way to your success.

How exactly does a satellite tracking system eliminate fuel theft?

Precise control of fuel consumption — is it possible? Let’s figure it out.

If there were truly reliable fuel monitoring sensors that could be used to keep financial records, then car manufacturer would long ago put them on all their cars at the factory, or at least offer them as an option. It is obvious. So, what’s the deal? Why don’t they do it?

The answer is simple: car manufacturers do not want to receive complaints about inaccurate fuel meters, i.e., money accounting. After all, all the sensors responsible for monitoring the fuel consumption of a car or the fuel level can be easily bypassed by the driver. Fuel level sensors can be easily fooled by draining fuel through the ‘return line’. Or even simpler: draining directly from the tank, but in small quantities. And none, even the most accurate level sensor, will solve anything here.

The fact is that the fuel level can be accurately measured only with absolutely “calm” fuel in the tank. But in practice, the fuel splashes in the tank while driving and its level jumps +/- (10-40) %. Yes, and in the parking lot too, the fuel sways in the tank for a long time +/- (5-10) %. Therefore, after each stop of the car, the driver can safely drain (2-3) % from the tank and be sure that not a single fuel level control system can reliably say: was there a drain or not?

It turns out that if the driver wants to steal 20% of the fuel volume from the tank, and does it not at once, but in 5-10 small drains, then not a single fuel level control system will show anything suspicious.

Sometimes manufacturers of fuel level sensors try to pay the attention of customers to the fact that their fuel level sensor is included in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus. But they are silent about the most important fact: the sensors are not included in the Register for the needs of legal metrology, i.e., neither for financial accounting, nor for punishing drivers, nor for the court, these sensors cannot be used.

Their purpose, declared when entering the Register of Measuring Instruments, is to measure the fuel level in tanks at gas stations where the fuel level is stable, and only as a reference information.

And not only because the fuel level is not stable, but also because there is a technical possibility for the driver to deceive such a system by draining the fuel with impunity through the ‘return line’, or by draining the tank in small portions.

Legal measurement of fuel consumption can be made either by the mileage of the car, taking into account the linear fuel consumption rates established at the enterprise, the norms and methods of the Ministry of Transport, or using the fuel flow meter that is entered in the Register of Measuring Instruments, as the actual fuel consumption meter.

Such flow meters are available in the Republic of Belarus, and BelTransSputnik installs them. However, not everything is so smooth: they are slowly becoming clogged and they need to be disassembled and cleaned once every 1-2 months, as well as removed and sent to State review once a year. In addition, in accordance with the recommendations of State Standard, all such flow meters at an air temperature of -10 C and below must be removed and installed transit tubes. Otherwise, the fuel may freeze in this narrowest place.

That is, such flow meters can really successfully solve the problem of objective instrumental control of fuel consumption with high accuracy (accuracy below 1%), their readings are legitimate for ships of all instances, but … only in the warm season and with monthly cleaning.

A more convenient and safer way to control fuel consumption on modern cars is to control fuel via the CAN-bus using engine injectors, which are installed by the car factory itself. Although they also do not give an accurate result (accuracy 2-7%), but they cannot be deceived. Moreover, BelTransSputnik has the ability to receive information on fuel consumption from the CAN-bus for almost all more or less modern cars and special equipment.

Let’s compare how much money you have to pay for the BelTransSputnik GLONASS/GPS monitoring system and for the same system, but with fuel level and consumption sensors:

  • GPS monitoring system: 70 EUR with installation;
  • GPS monitoring system + 2 pcs. fuel flow meter sensor for forward and reverse channels + 2 pcs. fuel level sensor for two tanks: 1000 EUR with installation.

We are always ready to supply you with a satellite monitoring system with fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters. But does it make sense at the first stage of implementation?

We come to the main question: how to provide fuel control? How to act more rationally and not throw money away?

Practice has shown that the most reliable and low-cost way to get rid of fuel theft is to install the BelTransSputnik GPS tracking and navigation system. Let’s see — why? About 90% of fuel theft is carried out by the driver due to large mileage additions. And the remaining 10% of theft is because of a small difference between the actual consumption of a car and the established fuel write-off rate at your enterprise.

It is understandable: to be able to steal a lot of fuel quietly, you need to make sure that there is large fuel ‘surplus’. The easiest way to do this is to “cheat the speedometer”, i.e., add mileage. And, oddly enough, it’s quite easy to cheat on mileage. After all, you can drive from one store to another using dozens of different routes, referring to traffic jams, road repairs, accidents, etc. And the difference in mileage will be 10-50%. And it is impossible to find out which route the driver actually drove without GLONASS/GPS monitoring of the car.

When buying the BelTransSputnik GPS tracking system, you put up an obstacle to adding mileage, which are immediately identified by the manager. Therefore, excess fuel simply has nowhere to come from. And there is no ‘surplus’ of fuel — there is nothing to drain from the tank with impunity.

That is, to eliminate fuel theft up to 90%, it is enough to install the BelTransSputnik GPS monitoring system for 70 EUR.

In order to try to eliminate fuel theft up to 100%, it is necessary to install the BelTransSputnik integrated system for 1000 EUR.

Now let’s compare the result: for 70 EUR — up to 90%, for 1000 EUR — up to another 10% (and even the controversial 10% (see above)).

It is obvious that a GPS navigation system is always many times more beneficial than any vehicle fuel consumption monitoring sensors. The BelTransSputnik system has a State Standard certificate for hardware for monitoring the location and state of transport, uses the State navigation map with distances of all roads.

During implementation, we carry out a number of legally important measures at each enterprise to legitimize the indications of the System. Therefore, the reports are a document for a conversation with the driver up to the court of any instance.

We offer you a comprehensive GLONASS/GPS navigation system that will not only give you the results you are looking for, but much more. Our navigation system allows you to connect up to 18 different sensors: a navigator, a voice communication handset, thermometers, an on-board computer, as well as a CAN-bus, OBD, K / L-line with reading up to 300 parameters. Further, the system transfers all the readings to your computer, which allows you to control the fuel according to the flow meter on the fuel injection nozzle, the fuel level in the tank and much more.

The BelTransSputnik transport control system makes it useless to deceive fuel sensors, since navigation differentiates each section of the route traveled by the real mode of movement (at what actual speed the driver was driving, how many times he stopped, on which road — urban or suburban). This allows all kilometers to be divided into urban and highway kilometers and to calculate with maximum reliability the real fuel consumption without the use of sensors.

The BelTransSputnik system also fully implements the official method for calculating fuel consumption according to the Methodology of the Ministry of Transport and BelNIIT ‘Transtechnica’. It takes into account the loading of the car, the population of cities and a host of other required conditions for legally correct financial accounting. This calculation is fully automated: what used to take you hours can now be done in a few seconds.

I'm using the tracking system but I'm disappointed.

‘Maybe it would have given an effect if you didn’t do anything else — just look at the screen all the time and study: who and where he stopped, why is he standing for a long time, where is he going, whether he should be there. This is a huge amount of work! We need to hire more people to control it.’

Apparently, you are not using the BelTransSputnik system.

Of course, control should be automated. The system itself informs you if someone is standing in a suspicious place for a long time. If someone deviated from the route set by the electronic waybill. If someone violates the AETR or the speed limit, or exceeded the axle load and much more.

The computer can and should perform this work itself.

We began to notice that our requests to improve the system are not being fulfilled under any pretexts

‘We have been working with your competitors for 2 years. They began to notice that our requests to improve the system are not being fulfilled under any pretexts: in case you need to change the report, yes, please. And when we ask to significantly improve the logic of the system, nothing happens.’

In any incomprehensible situation there is a simple explanation.

Unfortunately, most of the monitoring operators in Belarus could not create their own product. Therefore, they have to use someone else’s software.

As a result, they are limited by the rigid limits of other people’s capabilities. In such a situation, they can only change the settings of the software package. They simply cannot create any new logic, any fundamentally new sections for your tasks.

The BelTransSputnik system was completely created by our team of programmers. Its ability to add new features to the software is unlimited: you can ask us to add any new feature for your needs, and we will do it.

With us, your tasks and goals will always be in the spotlight.

I bought a satellite tracking system, but the seller is unable or unwilling to integrate it with other company information systems

A satellite monitoring system will work effectively only when it is firmly connected to your enterprise’s management systems.

Large or long-established companies most often have their own non-standard management systems. In this case, integration becomes a really challenging task.

One of the significant advantages of the BelTransSputnik monitoring system is its easy implementation in any business. It can be integrated with a variety of information systems: SAP, 1C, etc. The integration itself is carried out by the technical staff of BelTransSputnik, within a reasonable time frame and without interrupting the company’s current business processes.

We pay subscription services, but cannot reach the operator. Either the number is busy, or doesn't answer, or all the engineers are on vacation, and my cars are idle!

The monitoring system is not a TV in the driver’s rest room. TV is in «hothouse» conditions: none of the drivers tries to turn it off, break it, block it. Another thing is the car tracking system. What is not happening here! Therefore, operational support is a vital issue for the company.

You can always get through to BelTranSputnik technical support on the first attempt. We will listen to you attentively and deal with your issue immediately. The vast majority of issues are resolved during a telephone conversation.

In case your question is of high complexity and involves a desire for program changes, our programmers will join the work — the task will be solved in any case.

The BelTransSputnik company provides a termless lifetime warranty for the BelTransSputnik system. Any malfunctions with the installed hardware are eliminated promptly at the customer’s call.

You do not have to persuade the engineer to do a favor and ‘inspect’ your car — this is his direct responsibility. In addition, all non-warranty repairs are also free of charge, except for vandalism cases.

I bought a satellite monitoring system, but I don't see the results. Where are the benefits promised in the ad?

This is a typical situation. This means your operator does not provide you with a full range of system maintenance services. He sold you the system, and all that is left — ‘read the manual’. The maximum you can count on with such a purchase is technical support.

If this is the case, then the system you bought is simply idle from the point of view of your company’s economy. In this case, there is no need to talk about results and benefits. Although in reality the implementation of a satellite tracking system is far from an easy step.

It is important to understand what place the monitoring system will take in your business process, or rather, how it will change it. Ask these questions to your provider to understand: Are your best interests taken care of?

  • How to build relationships in the enterprise properly so that the system would reduce the costs from the first day of its use?
  • How to choose an employee responsible for the system, so that he does not perceive working with the system as a burden? So that he not only does not cover colleagues, but also be a locomotive for the intensification of business processes in your organization?
  • How to use the results of the system properly in order to avoid conflict situations in the team, and at the same time defend cost reduction?
  • What data to enter into the system, how to issue it, what documents to use so that there are no claims from either employees or regulatory authorities?
  • What level of service does your tariff plan suggest? How to act in an unusual situation?
  • Is the company ready to adapt the monitoring system to your needs?

If the answers to these questions do not meet your needs, you had better look for another service provider. We at BelTransSputnik are ready to solve any complicated issues, because our goal is to provide you with all the opportunities to increase your competitiveness.

Why do we need extra information about where the vehicles are and what do they do? They work just fine as it is. What will your system provide us with?

Our experience shows that resources to improve performance and reduce costs can always be found. You must agree, ‘pretty good job’ – is not the highest rating. ‘Transportation costs decreased by XX% this month’ – that would sound much more convincing.

The satellite monitoring system is not only a vehicle monitoring tool. This is a means of increasing the intensity of the drivers. When the driver is under control, he always works more efficiently.

Think about it: an office worker is always in front of management. The driver is far away. And he often considers himself a ‘free bird’.

Our experience of implementing and operating the BelTransSputnik system at 4,500 enterprises in various industries shows that it is always possible to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of work.

For example, even a driver of elite international transportation without proper control from the dispatcher sits at the wheel for about 6 hours a day. It is realistic to increase this figure to 7.5 – 8 hours due to tighter control by the system and the dispatcher. The driver will receive system alerts about route deviations or unplanned downtime, the dispatcher will receive the same information – and as a result, such downtime will be less.

You say that your system reduces transport costs by up to 30-50%. Where did you get such numbers from? It's hard to believe it's possible.

Let’s take a look at some examples from our practice.

The distributor of the most famous brewing company in the CIS has equipped its 42 vehicles with satellite monitoring modules. Every day they deliver beer to retail outlets in Minsk. And here’s what we found:

  1. Fuel write-off.
    As it turned out, drivers wherever they could, drove through the ring road. This is more mileage. Fuel was written off everywhere in the same waywithin the city, including the ring road — at a high city consumption rate. Drivers benefited greatly from this. However, the ring fuel consumption is noticeably less than urban. Fuel should be written off not according to the city, but according to the economical suburban mode. There is a noticeable difference. The company changed the calculation of fuel consumption and introduced restrictions on traffic on the ring road. Drivers have lost the opportunity to play on the difference in driving modes.
  2. Downtime during unloading.
    What driver does not take the opportunity to ‘rest’ during unloading? With the help of the BelTransSputnik system, this possibility can be eliminated: immediately after the driver leaves the ramp, the dispatcher receives a message that he is free. And requires an immediate return to the base for a new assignment.
    As a result:
    Control of fuel consumption, mileage and downtime for unloading has allowed the company to achieve significant improvements: if drivers used to make an average of 2 trips per day, now they manage to make 3 trips. Fuel consumption has decreased. We managed to refuse the services of third-party carriers (another way to reduce costs).
    According to the client’s rough estimate, the savings reached 40%.
  3. An example from another field of activity.
    The utility grader driver wrote on the waybill that he drove 140 km through the streets of the city during his shift. After installing the satellite monitoring module, it turned out that on average, the mileage was only 42 km every day. Addings exceeded 200%.
    Moreover, the BelTransSputnik System was set up to take into account not only the mileage, but also the time when the grader knife is in the lowered (working) state.
    As a result:
    Costs have been halved. At the same time, the quality of street cleaning improved significantly, as the driver was forced to constantly keep the knife in the working position.
  4. And here is an example from the banking sector: how to find reserves to improve logistics
    The BelTransSputnik system was installed on the cars of a major Belarusian bank in 2010. The control of the mileage of cash-in-transit vehicles using the BelTransSputnik monitoring was extremely strict. In 2014, the bank additionally implemented the BelTransSputnik optimal routing and logistics system.
    As a result, for example, the morning tasks of cash collection in Minsk instead of 18 cars began to be completed by 14 cars. This was due to the optimal redistribution of historically established routes. At the same time, the routing took into account the real congestion of all sections of Minsk roads.
    As a result:
    Release of 20% of transport.
Our company has connected to GPS monitoring. How to calculate how and when it will pay off? It is a lot of money...

If ‘it is a lot of money’, then you did not buy the BelTransSputnik system. In fact, the cost of even the most modern hardware should be around 50 EUR per car.

Are you unable to understand how the system pays off and does it pay off at all? This is possible if the company providing this service did not help you make a personal economic analysis of the use of the system in your enterprise. Savings cannot be calculated on the basis of monthly payments alone. For a reliable calculation, it is necessary to take into account dozens of factors: from fuel consumption up to leasing interest, from salaries, from rental rates for premises.

The first assessment of the effectiveness of the system implementation can be obtained directly on our website. The whole process will take you a few minutes — you just need to specify some parameters of your car park and business as a whole.

To get a detailed calculation of the efficiency of the system implementation, we invite you to our office where we will calculate both the costs that are now going ‘aside’ and the gain that you will receive as a result of using our system.

Why do we need a control system if its data cannot be used in court or in conflict resolution?

What do I care about your GPS, I have a speedometer, look at it!” — such a remark can be heard from the driver when the question concerns the exact recording of the mileage. How to prove that the data on mileage and fuel consumption is true? How to catch a driver who cheats mileage data by hand and prove his impurity in court?

We provide legal support for our clients. You can use the information of the BelTransSputnik system in any conflict situations, including court proceedings. The legal basis for this application is the State Standard Certificate for hardware, licensed navigation maps, as well as a number of legally significant measures developed by our specialists and implemented at the enterprise during the installation of the system.

For 26 years of work of the BelTransSputnik company, not a single court where the evidence of the Dispatcher system was used has been lost by our clients.

Why is the subscription fee of different operators so different? The devices are the same, the satellites are common, why the price is different?

When buying hardware and services, the question always arises: what to save on — on the initial payment or on the subscription fee. When a company offers solid payment for hardware and installation, but a minimal subscription fee, it looks like they’re offering you a great way to save money. Why overpay monthly if you can set everything up correctly when buying?

This is an imaginary savings. Rather, it is an illustration of the principle ‘sold and forgot about the client’. The lower the subscription fee, the less the monitoring operator is interested in you. In practice, the size of the subscription fee shows the range and quality of services provided by the operator to support your system.

A reasonable subscription fee allows BelTransSputnik to guarantee a high-level service to each client:

  • you will not waste time waiting in the queue for technical support
  • get technical support after hours
  • get a lifetime hardware warranty (for all possible cases except vandalism)
  • the company provides free hardware repairs even in non-warranty cases
  • software improvements of the system to your requirements will be made free of charge
  • licensed state maps will be available to you, which are legally valid during the ‘debriefing’ and are regularly updated

you will receive legal and economic advice on the best use of the system.

I use monitoring. I've got more important work to do rather than reading the system's manual, several hundred pages long. How can I highlight the most important aspects for me?

A complete satellite monitoring system affects many departments of your company: from drivers and dispatchers to logistics specialists and accountants. It is not enough to simply install the units in the machines and teach the manager to enter the system. It is necessary for each of your employees to see the usefulness of the system for him. To make him feel how it makes the job easier for him. So that he understands what significant results he can achieve for the company using the system.

And you were thrown into the ‘free float’ through the pages of the instructions.

BelTransSputnik works differently: from the moment the contract is signed up, a personal manager is assigned to you. He carefully studies all the features of your business. He systematically and consistently transfers the experience of transport management in your industry to employees, teaches how to use the BelTransSputnik system using specific examples and situations. Personal support is provided throughout the entire period of operation of the system, so there will be no gaps in it for you.

Each company's website claims "personal support". But in practice, personal attention most often goes to large companies.

Unfortunately, this is the reality in most monitoring companies. Do you only have ten cars? ‘Submit your application by e-mail, we will consider it’. The situation is both familiar and unfortunate. But it doesn’t matter how many cars the company has: you lose money from the downtime of any car.

BelTransSputnik works differently: we respond to requests from all customers in the same way. Our goal is to provide the most useful service as quickly as possible. None of our clients can say that he did not get through to technical support on the first attempt.

Moreover, BelTransSputnik never dismisses the client: ‘This is not our issue’. Our technical support specialists solve issues not only with the BelTransSputnik system, but also with GSM-operators, and even with the settings of a personal computer on the client’s desk. Of course, we still do not know how to take off on the first call to the other side of the galaxy in 10 seconds, but you can be sure that any of your requests becomes the subject of close attention and care of our employee.

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