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Оптимальная логистика. GPS мониторинг
Контроль наёмного транспорта.
Экономичность езды.
Контроль топлива. Температурная телематика.
Контроль наёмного транспорта.

>4500 companies have recognized our system as the best and use it daily

Payback period from 1 day, transportation expenses decrease to 60%

Reduction of routine processes


*FREE training of your staff and all system updates

Market leaders say

Watch Roman Panchishin’s feedback
Roman Panchishin
Roman Panchishin CEO R Group
What you do enables us to improve our results
Watch Sergey Vainilovich’s feedback
Sergey Vainilovich
Sergey Vainilovich Co-owner and CEO
We, as customers, are pleased to have some of the system's functions developed specifically for us.
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Rostislav Rudakovsky
Rostislav Rudakovsky CEO Primway Co. Ltd., group of companies PRIMUM
We just need to call BelTransSputnik and they will implement everything we want in no time.
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Sergey Maximov
Sergey Maximov Operations Leading Specialist Beltransway
We introduced our internal system of documents to legalize the data of the GPS tracker of BTS, not the speedometer, as settlement data.
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Victor Butrim
Victor Butrim Head of production Minsk Post
Car mileage has decreased by 20-25%. And that's with the same amount of work.
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Anatoly Giletich
Anatoly Giletich Deputy Director for Wholesale in Santa Impex Brest
Both executives and specialists are satisfied with economic results…
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Alexey Vantsovich
Alexey Vantsovich CEO SARIA
From the very beginning we have been cooperating with BelTransSputnik. And use the system not only for processes and resources optimization, but also for strategic purposes.
Sergey Maximuk
Sergey Maximuk CEO and co-owner of Polymya-Agro
You can't just install GPS trackers on cars, get a login with a password to the system, and forget about it.
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BelTransSputnik system

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Find out the real savings and payback period of the BelTransSputnik transport management system

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    You only pay for what you need. We audit your company for free and find a customized solution. You choose the level of system capabilities and the scope of services; we offer your best in price solution.
    Единовременная покупка - и пожизненная гарантия на неё
    One-time purchase and lifetime warranty
    We provide a lifetime warranty on the equipment and free non-warranty repairs (excluding vandalism). Throughout all the time of the system use, you get all system functions, its updates and new items at no extra charge.
    Юридическая защита
    Information provided by BelTransSputnik is recognized by the courts of the Republic of Belarus, investigating and law enforcement agencies.
    Развитая сеть региональных представителей
    Developed network of regional representatives
    Our network of regional representatives includes all regional centers, and several district centers of the Republic of Belarus. You can get advice and assistance where it is convenient for you.
    Запатентованная технология
    BelTransSputnik is the only supplier of vehicle monitoring systems in Belarus; its own state patent protects technology.
    Удобное приложение на Android и iOS
    Convenient app on Android and iOS
    The system perfectly distributes vehicles to delivery (service) points to meet the requirements of your customers quickly. Our user-friendly interface apps help to do tasks more efficiently.
    Ваш персональный менеджер проекта
    Your personal project manager
    A personal project manager works with you. He studies your business specifics and gives you the best transport management experience in your scope. All this guarantees the speed and clarity of solving any issues.
    Собственное ПО с неограниченными возможностями
    In-house software with unlimited options
    The system created by our team of developers. The BelTransSputnik system is not limited by anything, your system will be developed solve all the tasks you need.
    Сверхточные карты
    Highly accurate
    Legitimate digital maps of Belarus up to 25 m/cm are built into the 'Dispatcher' systems. They are regularly updated by the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus with the right to post them on the Internet.
    Интеграция с ERP
    Integration with
    с ERP
    Vehicle tracking system integrates with any enterprise management system, products 1C, Galaxy and others. It simplifies the data use for enterprise management and enables you to optimize all business processes.

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    4 500 customer companies
    35 000 connected

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